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Our Bottle Openers are built from locally sourced wood and our magnets have a pull force of 65 pounds. Our screws are stainless steel and our openers are polished chrome. We have spared no expense in making our bottle openers high end and we proudly stand by our product. Magnetically mount the opener to your fridge or screw it to your bar and wait for the compliments to come in!

Our Cutting Boards are made from one piece of large premium walnut wood. Multiple layers of FDA approved finish is applied, our cutting boards will stand the test of time.

Our Story
From Chicago to Maine...

Nason's of Maine originally started out as NasonWorks in a small apartment in downtown Chicago. To my surprise the orders started coming in and they never stopped. The holidays came and soon I was running table saws in my apartment at 3am. The neighbors and myself decided it was time to pack up and move the company back home to Maine.

In no time a shop was built, a knowledgable Dad was hired, a website was created, and a frisbee loving German Shepherd was declared our mascot...NasonWorks was official...

...But then I had a new thought

I have a very talented family, with multiple Uncles and Aunts and Cousins making beautiful products, so why not have a collaborative website where everyone in the family can sell their beautiful goods? With that comes Nason's of Maine, where new products will be rolling in all the time from various Nason's. Our flagship openers are still leading the way (Now engravable!) but I encourage you to take a look at all the wonderful goods my family has to offer. Cheers!

Josh Nason - Owner

We also have some great friends with small businesses in Maine.